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Polished is a team of experienced dental professionals, providing portable preventive dental health services to organizations throughout Massachusetts.

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Our Mission

With a mission to provide care based on the Institute of Medicine’s Quality Aims, Polished Teeth LLC incorporates a safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable model into the portable program that is reaching all age and groups.

Dental Hygiene Examiniation

Oral Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

Dental Sealants

Flouride Application

Individualized, patient centered oral health education

HIPPA, OSHA, CDC, CORI compliant

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As a school nurse on Cape Cod, I routinely see students with oral pain. This team helps children to get the care they need to feel better. Children in pain cannot learn.  This program works wonders for our students.  I love to see their happy smiles after a visit from this team!


Plymouth Superintendent of Schools Gary Maestas said several preventative dental programs contacted the school department about working with the town after the state targeted Plymouth for assistance. The School Department settled on Gould’s group after reviewing the proposals and finding ‘an experience gap’.

Wicked Local Plymouth

The most wonderful thing about working with Ellen Gould and her team here on the Cape and Islands is that they always say yes! ‘Can you add this school?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Can you bring your services out to Nantucket children?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Can you serve preschool children?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Can you serve children without insurance?’ ‘Yes!’ And then, they follow through with state of the art public oral health services that make children, parents, teachers, school nurses, principals, superintendents and me smile! Thanks, you guys!

They Always Say Yes!

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Let us put YOU on our list!

Find out how we can come to your school or organization!